The Amazon Shooter Fires Back!

Thanks to Lindsay Kay Hayward and TMZ, I now have a new title, The Amazon Shooter. This is very exciting! I’ve never had such a BADASS title before. Maybe I’ll add it to my business cards, lol. Hey TLC, can I get my own reality show now? We can call it, Brad, the Amazon Shooter.

Read the TMZ article and then, for the rest of the story, read The Truth About Lindsay.

On a more serious note, as the TMZ article correctly states, I’ve never threatened Lindsay, not even jokingly. It’s bemusing that she accuses me of slandering her, while SHE continues to concoct these ridiculous lies and false accusations about me, seemingly out of thin air. Apparently, Lindsay doesn’t understand that telling inconvenient truths about someone is not slander. It’s only slander or libel if you LIE about someone in a malicious way, which is exactly what she’s been doing to me.

Lindsay’s GoFundMe campaign contained numerous defamatory statements about me. She continued this defamatory pattern by lying to the judge on the public record, in her pathetic attempt to obtain a restraining order against me. Fortunately, the judge had the good sense to see through her lies and dismissed the case. I’ve warned Lindsay numerous times to stop lying about me publicly, but it appears she’s determined to continue. Therefore, I now plan to file a defamation lawsuit against her.

By the way, if anyone should be afraid for their safety, it’s ME. As I mention in my other article, Lindsay has threatened MY life many times and unlike her, I have actual documentation to support my claims. Remember that Lindsay is a 6’8″, 290 lb former professional wrestler, who’s fully capable of lifting someone my size over her head. Here’s a picture, from happier times, of me standing next to Lindsay. Seriously, who should be afraid of who???

Lindsay and Brad

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