Tallest Actress in a Leading Role


In October of 2013, R100 was released by Warner Brothers and due to my starring role in that film, I became eligible for the Guinness World Record, Tallest Actress in a Leading Role. However, to actually acquire the record, I had to prove my height to Guinness.

Proving my height required being measured three different times during the day, by a medical doctor. The measurements had to be taken in front of witnesses who had to provide written statements attesting that the measurements were true and valid. I also had to provide photographic and video evidence of the measuring process.

measure1On September 21st, 2013, I visited the Cryohealthcare medical facility in Los Angeles and Dr. Jonas Kuehne took my measurements at three different times during the day. As per Guinness requirements, Dr Kuehne measured me both standing up and lying on my back, and witnesses were present to observe each measuring session. My average measurement from all three sessions was 6′ 8 1/4″ (204.84 cm). Since the existing record was 6′ 0″, it was clear that I had easily broken the record previously held by Margaux Hemingway, Sigourney Weaver, Geena Davis and Brigitte Nielsen.

On November 21st, 2013, Guinness contacted me to confirm that I was, “Officially Amazing” and the new world record holder for Tallest Actress in a Leading Role. Yay me!!!

Holding Guiness Certificate

Tallest Actress in a Leading Role

By the way, R100 has so far only been released in Japan. However, Drafthouse Films purchased the US rights and they’re planning a US release in 2014. I’ll be sure to post updates once we get closer to the release date.

By the way, I’m now listed in a Wikipedia article about the tallest people in the world.