Why I Would Make the Perfect Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman movie

Wonder Woman of DC Comics

Some know her as Princess Diana of Themyscira or Diana Prince, but to me, she will always be Wonder Woman. Naturally, I fell in love with this DC Comics Amazonian princess when I was 6’7″ and only 12 years old. I used to tie my invisible lasso of truth around my cat, Midnight and bring her to me (it was probably the Pounce moist treats that convinced her to come, though, those treats were like catnip to her).

Why a Wonder Woman Movie is Needed

Ages 11-15 were probably the roughest years of my social life, I had outgrown all the women in my family by age 9 and all the men in my family by age 10. Being 6’7″ at the age of 12 made me stick out like a sore thumb in my public Jr. high school (full of thousands of kids). I wasn’t just made fun of by my classmates, the entire school would look at me funny, say disrespectful things in passing and barely speak to me, including teachers.

Wonder Woman movie

Halloween 2013 at a red carpet event in DTLA

I didn’t have anyone to talk to about being bullied by the kids at school, so I turned to characters I saw on TV. My favorites were Xena Warrior Princess and Chyna of WWE. I didn’t learn about her through a Wonder Woman movie or show, my older sister actually introduced her to me inadvertantly. She was really into manga and comic books at the time, so one day I discovered a comic book in my sister’s room that had Wonder Woman on the cover. Wonder Woman has always fascinated me more than any other Amazonian character ever since. I think it has a lot to do with my familiarity with her story- ever since I can remember, I had this superhuman body and strength. I used to dream about discovering my “amazon powers” and flying back to Themyscira to be accepted into their great amazon tribe, but realistically, I wasn’t going to be raptured back to Paradise Island any time soon. The only thing in my life that made me feel good about myself was basketball. Ron, a security officer at my middle school, introduced me to a few AAU coaches when I was 13. But, shortly after I started playing basketball, kids not only made fun of my height, they started making fun of my body- I started working out and developing muscle tone, especially in my legs. Girls in my class would laugh at me for not being skinny and for having muscle definition, which led to guys making fun of me, too. I’ll never forget my first homecoming dance in high school, a group of guys had dared my “friend” Ryan to dance with me (he was 5’8″) and then they took pictures of us dancing and showed it all over school, saying he “slayed the giant” that night. I became ashamed of my body and I started becoming self-conscious on the basketball court thereafter, which led to my inability to play consistently-well. During these tough times, reading Wonder Woman comics inspired me to stop caring about what others said about me. She aesthetically has a lot of muscle tone and now that I am older, I know that having natural muscle mass and being tall as a woman is not wrong or bad. I am genetically built the way I am and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love and accept myself.

wonder woman movie

My bf and I at a Halloween party 2013

I Would be the Perfect Fit in a Wonder Woman Movie

The one thing I regret the most in my life is allowing other people to impose their insecurities onto me, causing me to change my way of thinking resulting in a lack of self-respect. I had low-self-esteem because I allowed people to have control over my feelings. Now, I realize that being unique is better than being a sheep- I no longer let others bring me down with their jealousy and malicious attitudes. Growing up, I think a Wonder Woman movie would have made a huge difference in my life. She is the truest role model for girls like me and movies are very powerful in social settings. I would have loved to see a Wonder Woman movie when I was in my early teens. Instead, we got Deuce Bigalow. Remember the tall, blonde cop scene?

Wonder Woman movie

My gf and I at a Halloween party in 2013

That’s why being Wonder Woman in an upcoming  Wonder Woman Movie is my dream-role and would mean the world to me- she has been in my life through thick and thin. Because of her, I came to the realization that I had to stop being a victim and start taking charge of my life. I changed my mentality and still triumph over the negative stigma society throws at me for being an unusually tall, strong woman. Wonder Woman is more than just a pretty face with an Amazonian stature, she is the symbol of female strength and empowerment. Wonder Woman has more important things to do other than worry about what people think of her (Like get a freaking Wonder Woman movie up already!! Sheesh.). Anyway, I began looking outside of myself to helping others and that’s when my life changed. Since I’m one of the tallest women alive on the planet, I firmly believe that most women cannot connect with Wonder Woman in the same way that I can. When acting, you have to become the character you are portraying- I live each day in the mind-set and physical body of an amazon, so I feel like I understand and identify with her more than anyone else possibly could. I want to be the ultimate role-model for tall girls who don’t have anyone to talk to about their insecurities and playing this character would definitely give me the opportunity to do so. After all this time, a Wonder Woman movie has yet to be made.

Even if I never get the chance to play this role in a Wonder Woman Movie, I’ll never stop aspiring to be the almighty Amazonian Warrior.

After all this time, a Wonder Woman movie has yet to be made.