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female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

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Mum’s the Word on the upcoming Female Thor Movie

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

I could definitely see myself being a Viking goddess

For the first time in THOR’s five decades of publication, there is going to be a female Thor character, meaning the newest God of Thunder is in-fact not a “god” at all, but a goddess. Marvel plans on passing the THOR hammer to the next Avenger, Thor Girl, which is both exciting and interesting. Jason Aaron and his team are actually in the stages of writing/developing this new character for the comic series, set to debut in October, but there are whispers that they plan to create a first-ever female Thor movie. The premise of this new powerful goddess is mysterious- No one knows who Thor Girl is, not even Thor nor All-Father Odin and that’s what makes it all the more interesting.

Why I’d make a Great Viking Goddess

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Egyptian Theatre at Beyond Fest last night, where I whipped a few strangers in front of 600 people 😉

The following quote was taken from Marvel and it’s the truest reason as to why I think there should be a female Thor movie with me starring as Thor Girl: “I’m still looking to do big, epic stories,” Aaron vows. “Overall, I’m still going for a dark [Jack] Kirby vibe. [This series stars] a badass Viking goddess with a hammer facing Frost Giants and dark elves and all sorts of wild new villains.”

Last night, I was at Beyond Fest, promoting the film R100, which I starred in as a Super-Villain. Leather and whip in hand, I slashed members of the audience who were brave enough to come forward to win backstage passes. You see, making people bend over and beg for a good beating isn’t just what I’m told to do, it’s something I enjoy. I love being a tall, dominant woman and that is the most dangerous part about me. You can give someone all of the tools, but if they don’t have a natural instinct to take control and use them, what good are they? There are many women who are not comfortable in their own bodies, but I have learned that there is nothing more invigorating than being me- a strong and powerful woman. The thought of battling giants and stomping down dwarves actually gets my blood boiling because that is what I actually love to do. I utilize my assets and I know that’s what makes me me.

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Behind the scenes of R100, I played the part of a Super-Villain

When will the Thor Girl Movie Come Out?

Although no one’s willing to talk too much about the chance for an upcoming female Thor movie, I know it’s going to happen. Thor (2012) was a huge hit, it would be amazing to be a part of something so unique and legendary. I would be the perfect actress to bring this Viking goddess to life because I am much taller/stronger than most and would dwarf what most people consider a ‘giant’. Thor Girl is this almighty, female force to be reckoned with- that’s exactly what I am and I know it.

Think I’d make a badass Viking goddess? Comment below!