Female Godzilla Movie Concept

Who’s Idea was it to Create a Female Godzilla Movie?

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Original Godzilla Movie

Last night, I was invited by my friend, Nacho Vigalondo, to the screening of Open Windows, which is a film that he directed starring the multi-talented Elijah Wood and stunning Sasha Grey. The film is about hackers who invade a celebrity’s privacy by hacking into her cell phone and a bunch of other crazy shit (really, you should definitely check it out). I was also pleasantly surprised to see my friend James Shapiro at the screening since I hadn’t seen him in a while. @JamesatDHF brought R100 to the US and it’s scheduled for theatrical release early next year. This was the last day of Beyond Fest, so when it was finished, James, Nacho and a few of our other friends decided to head out to little Tokyo to sing and dance the night away with Karaoke.

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Late night karaoking with James Shapiro of Drafthouse Films, Nacho Vigalondo and a few friends.

Around 6:00 AM, we headed our separate ways, me heading to my first meeting of the day and others to their comfortable beds. It is now noon and I’ve just gotten home. As I sit here on my couch, beer in hand and eyelids heavy, I still can’t sleep because @vigalondo said something during the Q&A last night that caught my full attention and I have been obsessing about all night: The slight chance that his next project will be a female Godzilla movie.

First-Ever Female Godzilla Movie

That’s right, let that sink in. What would it be like to have the first-ever female version of Godzilla, with me playing the part as one pissed off giant? I’m sure if I could, I would walk around throwing people into cars, buildings, what have you, causing all sorts of destruction. But I can’t, so second best thing would be to play the part in a female Godzilla movie. When I was filming R100 in Japan, one of our locations was at Toho, Co, the same studio that initially created Godzilla. As we were entering the gates, I saw a Godzilla statue just inside the property. I remember thinking to myself as I looked up at this godly creature, Gee, he doesn’t look that big, I could take him.

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

How I imagine my interaction with Godzilla would go.

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Nacho Vigalondo is in heaven. Real-life female Godzilla right here.

Last night during the screening, I got to see a few of Nacho’s short films as well as his feature. His films are funny, witty, honest and he only works with people who are decent human beings, so I know that he can direct an amazing female Godzilla movie with me as the monstrous yet sexy female version of Godzilla. Growing up, people would call me names, one of them being ‘Godzilla’. Being a tall girl in her teens, you don’t really want to be called a fire-breathing monster that goes around throwing cars into buildings and causing mayhem in Tokyo, but nowadays, I don’t let it affect me. In fact, I don’t mind being known for that at all. The ability to play a lead in a female Godzilla movie is so exciting to me because I love causing chaos and terrorizing little people (everyone is “little” to me) and I’ve taken on a life-long challenge to own what makes me unique. In other words, since people tried to hurt me by calling me Godzilla, I would love to play the part so I can overcome the social stigma that comes with it- want to call me Godzilla? No, darling, I’ll show you Godzilla.

Think I’d make an ultra-sexy, kick-ass female Godzilla? Leave your comments below!