How tall are you in high-heels?

I am 7ft 3in in 6in heels.

How tall in heels | Lindsay Kay Hayward

I am well over 7ft in high heels

What is the shortest guy you have ever dated?

I prefer to date guys 6ft 4in and taller, but I have dated guys shorter than that, the shortest being 5ft 8in.

Shortest guy dated | Lindsay Kay Hayward

This is what the height difference looks like between me and the shortest guy I’ve ever dated

What is your shoe size?

I wear an American 13/14 shoe and have a special love for UGGs.

What size shoe | Lindsay Kay Hayward

I love my UGG slippers!!

What are your measurements?

My measurements go as follows:

  • Calves- 17in
  • Biceps- 15in
  • Thigh- 25in
  • Forearms- 11in
  • Waist- 33in
  • Hips- 38in
  • Bust- 38G
  • Hands- 8in (wrist to middle fingertip)
Measurements | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Me at a Cupcake event

Did you ever play basketball?

Yes, I played 4 years varsity and 2 years at UVA. I stopped playing due to a nerve and disc injury I sustained in college. To see my college basketball portfolio, click here.

How tall are your parents?

My parents are 6ft 7in (dad) and 5ft 11in (mom), however, my dad is not actively involved in my life. My mother raised my older sister (who is 5ft 11in) and myself on her own. I love my mommy!

how tall are your parents | Lindsay Kay Hayward

My mom and I on top of Baldwin Hill overlooking LA

Did you have any height-related difficulties growing up?

At birth, I was 12 lbs 24in and a premature baby. I had Jaundice, the RhFactor and Hypoglycemia and was placed in an incubator for a few weeks, where I almost died because I barely fit. After that, I grew rapidly, having reached 6ft by 9 yrs, 6ft 7in by 12 yrs and 6ft 9in by 13 yrs. Growing pains were common, I would scream in agonizing pain almost every night due to leg cramps and muscle spasms. Growing up unusually tall and fast was difficult because 20 yrs ago, people lacked education in tolerating uniqueness. Socially, kids were mean, but I overcame adversity and became the strong, driven woman I am today.

child pic | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Me at age 7

What is your nationality?

My background is primarily Korean and Native American.

Korean | Lindsay Kay Hayward

I am mixed with Korean and Native American

What is your favorite food?

I love sushi, Korean BBQ and steak.