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The Amazon Shooter Fires Back!

Thanks to Lindsay Kay Hayward and TMZ, I now have a new title, The Amazon Shooter. This is very exciting! I’ve never had such a BADASS title before. Maybe I’ll add it to my business cards, lol. Hey TLC, can I get my own reality show now? We can call it, Brad, the Amazon Shooter.

Read the TMZ article and then, for the rest of the story, read The Truth About Lindsay.

On a more serious note, as the TMZ article correctly states, I’ve never threatened Lindsay, not even jokingly. It’s bemusing that she accuses me of slandering her, while SHE continues to concoct these ridiculous lies and false accusations about me, seemingly out of thin air. Apparently, Lindsay doesn’t understand that telling inconvenient truths about someone is not slander. It’s only slander or libel if you LIE about someone in a malicious way, which is exactly what she’s been doing to me.

Lindsay’s GoFundMe campaign contained numerous defamatory statements about me. She continued this defamatory pattern by lying to the judge on the public record, in her pathetic attempt to obtain a restraining order against me. Fortunately, the judge had the good sense to see through her lies and dismissed the case. I’ve warned Lindsay numerous times to stop lying about me publicly, but it appears she’s determined to continue. Therefore, I now plan to file a defamation lawsuit against her.

By the way, if anyone should be afraid for their safety, it’s ME. As I mention in my other article, Lindsay has threatened MY life many times and unlike her, I have actual documentation to support my claims. Remember that Lindsay is a 6’8″, 290 lb former professional wrestler, who’s fully capable of lifting someone my size over her head. Here’s a picture, from happier times, of me standing next to Lindsay. Seriously, who should be afraid of who???

Lindsay and Brad

Guest Starring Role on Grey’s Anatomy

Congratulations to our Lindsay for booking a guest starring role on Grey’s Anatomy!

In the upcoming episode, Lindsay plays a woman who has Marfan’s disease. The woman is 7’2″ tall, but thinks she’s only 6’6″. Lindsay is particularly excited to play this role because it will give her an opportunity to showcase her dramatic talent.

We know she’ll do great!


My Giant Life

Congratulations to our Lindsay for being cast in the new TLC five-part reality series, My Giant Life!

The show features four extremely tall women and provides viewers with a glimpse of what it’s like to be a woman and tower over just about everyone else, male or female.

My Giant Life begins airing July 14th at 10 PM Eastern on TLC.

Female Godzilla Movie Concept

Who’s Idea was it to Create a Female Godzilla Movie?

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Original Godzilla Movie

Last night, I was invited by my friend, Nacho Vigalondo, to the screening of Open Windows, which is a film that he directed starring the multi-talented Elijah Wood and stunning Sasha Grey. The film is about hackers who invade a celebrity’s privacy by hacking into her cell phone and a bunch of other crazy shit (really, you should definitely check it out). I was also pleasantly surprised to see my friend James Shapiro at the screening since I hadn’t seen him in a while. @JamesatDHF brought R100 to the US and it’s scheduled for theatrical release early next year. This was the last day of Beyond Fest, so when it was finished, James, Nacho and a few of our other friends decided to head out to little Tokyo to sing and dance the night away with Karaoke.

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Late night karaoking with James Shapiro of Drafthouse Films, Nacho Vigalondo and a few friends.

Around 6:00 AM, we headed our separate ways, me heading to my first meeting of the day and others to their comfortable beds. It is now noon and I’ve just gotten home. As I sit here on my couch, beer in hand and eyelids heavy, I still can’t sleep because @vigalondo said something during the Q&A last night that caught my full attention and I have been obsessing about all night: The slight chance that his next project will be a female Godzilla movie.

First-Ever Female Godzilla Movie

That’s right, let that sink in. What would it be like to have the first-ever female version of Godzilla, with me playing the part as one pissed off giant? I’m sure if I could, I would walk around throwing people into cars, buildings, what have you, causing all sorts of destruction. But I can’t, so second best thing would be to play the part in a female Godzilla movie. When I was filming R100 in Japan, one of our locations was at Toho, Co, the same studio that initially created Godzilla. As we were entering the gates, I saw a Godzilla statue just inside the property. I remember thinking to myself as I looked up at this godly creature, Gee, he doesn’t look that big, I could take him.

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

How I imagine my interaction with Godzilla would go.

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Nacho Vigalondo is in heaven. Real-life female Godzilla right here.

Last night during the screening, I got to see a few of Nacho’s short films as well as his feature. His films are funny, witty, honest and he only works with people who are decent human beings, so I know that he can direct an amazing female Godzilla movie with me as the monstrous yet sexy female version of Godzilla. Growing up, people would call me names, one of them being ‘Godzilla’. Being a tall girl in her teens, you don’t really want to be called a fire-breathing monster that goes around throwing cars into buildings and causing mayhem in Tokyo, but nowadays, I don’t let it affect me. In fact, I don’t mind being known for that at all. The ability to play a lead in a female Godzilla movie is so exciting to me because I love causing chaos and terrorizing little people (everyone is “little” to me) and I’ve taken on a life-long challenge to own what makes me unique. In other words, since people tried to hurt me by calling me Godzilla, I would love to play the part so I can overcome the social stigma that comes with it- want to call me Godzilla? No, darling, I’ll show you Godzilla.

Think I’d make an ultra-sexy, kick-ass female Godzilla? Leave your comments below!

Female Thor Movie

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Thor Girl Marvel

Mum’s the Word on the upcoming Female Thor Movie

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

I could definitely see myself being a Viking goddess

For the first time in THOR’s five decades of publication, there is going to be a female Thor character, meaning the newest God of Thunder is in-fact not a “god” at all, but a goddess. Marvel plans on passing the THOR hammer to the next Avenger, Thor Girl, which is both exciting and interesting. Jason Aaron and his team are actually in the stages of writing/developing this new character for the comic series, set to debut in October, but there are whispers that they plan to create a first-ever female Thor movie. The premise of this new powerful goddess is mysterious- No one knows who Thor Girl is, not even Thor nor All-Father Odin and that’s what makes it all the more interesting.

Why I’d make a Great Viking Goddess

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Egyptian Theatre at Beyond Fest last night, where I whipped a few strangers in front of 600 people 😉

The following quote was taken from Marvel and it’s the truest reason as to why I think there should be a female Thor movie with me starring as Thor Girl: “I’m still looking to do big, epic stories,” Aaron vows. “Overall, I’m still going for a dark [Jack] Kirby vibe. [This series stars] a badass Viking goddess with a hammer facing Frost Giants and dark elves and all sorts of wild new villains.”

Last night, I was at Beyond Fest, promoting the film R100, which I starred in as a Super-Villain. Leather and whip in hand, I slashed members of the audience who were brave enough to come forward to win backstage passes. You see, making people bend over and beg for a good beating isn’t just what I’m told to do, it’s something I enjoy. I love being a tall, dominant woman and that is the most dangerous part about me. You can give someone all of the tools, but if they don’t have a natural instinct to take control and use them, what good are they? There are many women who are not comfortable in their own bodies, but I have learned that there is nothing more invigorating than being me- a strong and powerful woman. The thought of battling giants and stomping down dwarves actually gets my blood boiling because that is what I actually love to do. I utilize my assets and I know that’s what makes me me.

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Behind the scenes of R100, I played the part of a Super-Villain

When will the Thor Girl Movie Come Out?

Although no one’s willing to talk too much about the chance for an upcoming female Thor movie, I know it’s going to happen. Thor (2012) was a huge hit, it would be amazing to be a part of something so unique and legendary. I would be the perfect actress to bring this Viking goddess to life because I am much taller/stronger than most and would dwarf what most people consider a ‘giant’. Thor Girl is this almighty, female force to be reckoned with- that’s exactly what I am and I know it.

Think I’d make a badass Viking goddess? Comment below!