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The Amazon Shooter Fires Back!

Thanks to Lindsay Kay Hayward and TMZ, I now have a new title, The Amazon Shooter. This is very exciting! I’ve never had such a BADASS title before. Maybe I’ll add it to my business cards, lol. Hey TLC, can I get my own reality show now? We can call it, Brad, the Amazon Shooter.

Read the TMZ article and then, for the rest of the story, read The Truth About Lindsay.

On a more serious note, as the TMZ article correctly states, I’ve never threatened Lindsay, not even jokingly. It’s bemusing that she accuses… Continue reading

Guest Starring Role on Grey’s Anatomy

Congratulations to our Lindsay for booking a guest starring role on Grey’s Anatomy!

In the upcoming episode, Lindsay plays a woman who has Marfan’s disease. The woman is 7’2″ tall, but thinks she’s only 6’6″. Lindsay is particularly excited to play this role because it will give her an opportunity to showcase her dramatic talent.

We know she’ll do great!


My Giant Life

Congratulations to our Lindsay for being cast in the new TLC five-part reality series, My Giant Life!

The show features four extremely tall women and provides viewers with a glimpse of what it’s like to be a woman and tower over just about everyone else, male or female.

My Giant Life begins airing July 14th at 10 PM Eastern on TLC.

Female Godzilla Movie Concept

Who’s Idea was it to Create a Female Godzilla Movie?

Female Godzilla movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Original Godzilla Movie

Last night, I was invited by my friend, Nacho Vigalondo, to the screening of Open Windows, which is a film that he directed starring the multi-talented Elijah Wood and stunning Sasha Grey. The film is about hackers who invade a celebrity’s privacy by hacking into her cell phone and a bunch of other crazy shit (really, you should definitely check it out). I was also pleasantly surprised to see my friend James Shapiro at the screening since I hadn’t seen him in a while. @JamesatDHF … Continue reading

Female Thor Movie

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

Thor Girl Marvel

Mum’s the Word on the upcoming Female Thor Movie

female Thor movie | Lindsay Kay Hayward

I could definitely see myself being a Viking goddess

For the first time in THOR’s five decades of publication, there is going to be a female Thor character, meaning the newest God of Thunder is in-fact not a “god” at all, but a goddess. Marvel plans on passing the THOR hammer to the next Avenger, Thor Girl, which is both exciting and interesting. Jason Aaron and his team are actually in the stages of writing/developing this new character for the comic … Continue reading

Why I Would Make the Perfect Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman movie

Wonder Woman of DC Comics

Some know her as Princess Diana of Themyscira or Diana Prince, but to me, she will always be Wonder Woman. Naturally, I fell in love with this DC Comics Amazonian princess when I was 6’7″ and only 12 years old. I used to tie my invisible lasso of truth around my cat, Midnight and bring her to me (it was probably the Pounce moist treats that convinced her to come, though, those treats were like catnip to her).

Why a Wonder Woman Movie is Needed

Ages 11-15 were… Continue reading